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Electric Coffee Grinder Coffee Bean Grinder (USB Charge)

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Product Feature:

1. CNC 420 stainless steel 5-angle grinding core,which will not be broken or rough like ceramic grinding core.
2. High-performance motor. The maximum torque is 35kg/cm, it will not stuck beans and the noise is only 55dB.It only takes 40 seconds to grind about 15g coffee beans(regular thickness).
3. Bold double bearing design.The concentricity is stable, and there will be no problems such as extremely uneven grinding or even shaking.
4. Intelligent Resistance Sensing.Automatic shutdown in 10 seconds after grinding finish.
5. 50 levels adjustment fine grinding(10 levels per round, total rotatable 5 rounds). Suitable for Espresso/MOKA /Drip coffee/French Press.
6. Equipped with a new generation of motor, it can be used 20-25 times after charging for 90 minutes, and the power display can avoid running out of power during the grinding process.
7. Pull-out design, only 14 cm high after storage, smaller than your hand, easy to carry for outdoors camping and hiking.


Grinding core: CNC 420 stainless steel
Bearing: Stainless steel
Motor: High-performance motor
Capacity: 15-20g coffee beans
Battery capacity: 800mAh
Charging mode: Type-c
Charging time: 1.5 hours(5V-2A)
Duration: 20-25times grinding(regular thickness)

Manual:Yes(Include nglish version)
Product size: 56*139mm(after storage)

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